From the very start, my family has revolved around the world of motorsport and offroad motorbike racing. It's as if this passion is encoded in our DNA!

At the age of 2, my father bought me my first dirt bike, a Yamaha PW50, and fitted it with training wheels to aid my balance. Right then and there, I knew I had discovered my true love for dirt bikes.

By the time I reached 5, my father introduced me to my first "fun" race, and that racing bug bit!

Fast forward to age 10, and I had already transitioned into professional racing, never once looking back.

Sporting Background
Motocross, Off-road, Enduro, Pitbikes, Rugby ‘Craven Week’ , Swimming ‘Prestige’, Surfing, Skateboarding, BMX, etc



Motosport South Africa
Awarded with State Sporting Colours

Offroad 7 x Championship Wins

  • GOC Open 450 Class : 1st in State Championship
  • GXCC Seniors :  1st in State Championship "3 years in a row"
  • Northern Regional:  1st in State Championship "3 years in a row" 
  • Botswana Dessert 1000: 3rd in Seniors "3-day race event"

 - 1 x Championship Win

  • Roof of Africa : Bronze Finish
  • Roof of Africa : Gold Finish “Top 20 FIM Hard Enduro”
  • Redbull Sea to Ski:1st Overall “3-day event”
  • EWXC Open Pro: 1st in Championship

 - 3 x Championship Wins

  • 450cc Senior: 1st in State Championship “3 years in a row“
  • 450cc Senior: 3rd in National Championship
  • 85cc Juniors: 4th in Nationals Championship
  • 85cc Seniors : 2nd in Nationals Championship

 - 4 x Championship Wins

  • Pro Class : 1st in Championship
  • Open Class : 1st in Championship
  • Vets Class : 1st in Championship "2 years in a row"